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Soul Drives gProgramm to the Next Level

There may be a lot of options when it comes to buying a hotrod air-cooled Porsche 911 but few have chosen and executed their intentions so precisely. The goal was to build a high performance early Porsche without disrupting the very soul the car was born with. The builders of gProgramm have a rich history of restoring, collecting and coveting factory correct numbers matching air-cooled Porsche’s. Therefore, it wasn’t natural to just abandon the car’s soul for the sake of horsepower or an exotic look. It was this history and perspective that provided a unique take on building a special hot rod air-cooled Porsche. “Our cars are clearly not for everyone. They are however a “must have” for those who fit the profile,” says founder David Jacobson.

The cars being traded in for gProgramm Porsche’s tell part of the story. The list includes 2016 Porsche GT3 RS, 2015 Porsche Turbo S, Ferrari F430 Scuderia, 1974 Alfa Romeo, 1984 Carrera, and more. “These are considered dream cars for most of you reading this article,” says Jim Barry, General Manager of CCS Motors, the sales arm of gProgramm.

gProgramm celebrates the gbody impact bumper era Porsche by adding some cool and stylish touches. These are driver fulfilling serious performance cars but they are also...grab a beer, sit in the garage and stare beautiful. “We just fabricated a gorgeous

custom twin grill deck lid that will debut on the newest build,” says Jim Barry, adding that “the deck lid will join a host of other custom touches that adorn the gProgramm exterior.”

Michael Strahan, NY Giant legend and TV personality, currently has a gProgramm in production. Michael is an avid car collector with discerning taste as well as being a passionate and talented driver. He fits the gProgramm profile perfectly,” says David Jacobson. His car will be completed by Spring 2018.

gProgramm prices are in the $260K range depending on engine, suspension and trim choices. Although not inexpensive, they are a great value in this segment. gProgramm provides Coupe and Targa donor cars. Unfortunately, like the 964 models, the gBody cars are becoming harder and harder to find.

The gProgramm build list is growing. This is good news for gProgramm and their current customers. However, build time will surely start to grow as more orders come in.

About gprogramm: gProgramm, builds custom high performance machines for the air-cooled Porsche enthusiast. Our goal is to find the very special place where a visceral pure driving experience, meets the modern day track capable/road designed, sports car. Increasing every level of performance without disrupting the very soul of an early 911 Carrera RS was the driving experience we strive to achieve. We believe, with a few minutes behind the wheel, you’ll agree... mission accomplished.

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