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Each vehicle is disassembled with all bodywork removed from the car. The monocoque (shell) is media-blasted to bare metal and then treated for rust prevention.

  • Completely stripped, rotisserie, reconditioned body/metal frame with all new or reconditioned factory parts.

  • Fully integrated Roll Bar painted exterior body color with option of full body harness/4-5 point belts

  • Custom seam/strength welding in key structural areas

  • Removal of rocker jack mounts (clean look)

  • Solid roof sunroof delete standard for structural integrity on all coupes

  • Front strut bracing in the front ‘luggage compartment for structural integrity for ultimate control on street or track.

  • External front center gas fill location like on early Porsche racing R/RSR’s

  • Black anodize standard or silver chrome/nickel option on all door frames/trim

  • Under bumper ‘round factory’ Porsche fog/driving lights​

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